Buffets: They Attract Obesity.

I try my best to eat well. I certainly cannot say that I don’t eat out often, but I do try to make good choices in terms of food. As well, I try to work out frequently. I’ve taken up tennis again. When I have time, I enjoy running.

But some people, however, do not seem to care at all. I genuinely feel bad for people who are trying their hardest to lose weight but lack success. In fact, I work at a place where it is my job to encourage people to get fit.

On Saturday, I decided to go on an endeavor (lunch) with a friend of mine. We chose Golden Corral, as I’ve not been there in a long time. If you’re not familiar with Golden Corral, it is a buffet with a wide variety of food, from salads to ice cream.

A hobby of mine is “people watching.” At Golden Corral, I saw some of the most obese people I have ever seen. Entire families, really. There were people who were there when I arrived and who were still there when I left. They made frequent trips to the buffet—stacking their plates as high as they possibly could.

My friend was unable to finish his salad. He actually asked the waitress, who is his girlfriend’s mother, if they had carry-out boxes to take some food with him. I’m rather sure he was being facetious. Her response was, “We will have to weigh your food if you do that, and you will have to pay a certain amount per pound.”

I realized that people had actually asked, at a buffet, if they could take food with them. I weep. She even confirmed that it was not uncommon for people to ask the same question.

Anyway, I made the following observation: Buffets attract obese people. Surprised?

However, my experience at Golden Corral was nothing compared to one I had at a local pizza buffet. In reality, nothing good can come from a pizza buffet. I honestly question whether it is possible to fit it in any diet, even mine—and I’m actually underweight!

At the pizza buffet, it was me, my dad, and two of the fattest families I’ve ever seen. I don’t mean that condescendingly, but it was obvious they were making no attempt to watch what they were eating. It was actually very sad: there was a 4 year old who had to be at least 150 lbs. I can assure you that these families kept the cooks busy.

Even those families were not the surprise of the evening.

The surprise was the incredibly obese lady who chose to park at the curb of the restaurant instead of in the parking lot conveniently placed just one driving lane away.

She exited her vehicle and, literally, waddled—waddled—into the pizza joint to pick up her four large pizzas. She waddled.

I was nervous she was not going to make it back to her car, especially without devouring the pizza by the time she put her vehicle in gear. Being that I’m a thoughtful person, I had “911” typed into my telephone and all I had to do was press “send” in case of an emergency.

I wish for nothing but good health for everyone. However, people who make the absolute worst decisions—decisions that even the most ignorant people know are wrong—really piss me off. It truly makes me sad.

Eat well, my friends. And don’t be offended.

12 Responses

  1. Not everyone can be as anal about their weight as you. ;p

  2. I’m not exactly “anal” about weight. Instead, I become angry, or sad, when I see people who are grossly obese and make the wrong decisions.

    I am fully aware that that everyone is not blessed with good “metabolisms.” But I do know that people can make different choices and have amazing results–they just have to try. The problem is that many don’t try: they give up. That is disheartening, really.

    Eat LESS more often, dammit!

  3. Buffets attract obese people. Surprised?

    So one must conclude that you, being at the buffet, are yourself obese?

    I become angry, or sad, when I see people who are grossly obese and make the wrong decisions.

    Why exactly? How does another person’s decision or state of being affect you? I mean aside from offending your refined aesthetic sensibilities with their mere existence. Really. I want to know.

  4. Zezebelle —

    Interesting name! I appreciate your comment and I’m truly sorry if I offended you in any way. That was, of course, not my intention with my blog post; however, I knew it was certainly a possibility. I suppose I figured that since it was my blog, I should not censor myself from pointing out observations.

    So one must conclude that you, being at the buffet, are yourself obese?

    No—thankfully! What I said is that they attract the obese. You see, at a buffet, you can eat all you want. Some people who are obese have a tendency to eat a lot—way too much, in fact. I believe they are being financially conscious by choosing to eat a buffet.

    I do not believe I, in anyway, implied that everyone who goes to a buffet is, in fact, obese. Instead, they just attract them.

    Why exactly? How does another person’s decision or state of being affect you? I mean aside from offending your refined aesthetic sensibilities with their mere existence. Really. I want to know.

    One could easily argue, being that obesity has become a national epidemic, that it affects me because of the ever-increasing health care costs.

    But that’s not why it makes me angry/sad. The reason I become upset is because I truly want the best for people. Some people are simply ignorant when it comes to eating, and others are sick or don’t care.

    People who are obese are at risk for a myriad of negative health care implications: I do not want them to experience that, especially because of how preventable it really is. I know it is not easy to lose weight, especially when you are grossly obese, but I know that it can be done. It requires motivation and effort.

    Let me make this clear: It was not my attempt to degrade you, or any other viewer, by my post. I was simply pointing out an observation—and there’s a good chance that you would make a similar observation if you ever eat at a buffet. As well, I was hoping to interject a bit of humor, as many of my other posts thus far have been far more serious. However, I was not trying to create humor at the expense of the obese.

    I’m still new to blogging and have a lot to learn. Surely, there will be many things I say that will end up offending others, but I really cannot prevent that.

    Thanks again! I hope there’s no hard feelings.

  5. drop out, i just want to know if when you see skinny people at a buffet stuffing their faces, does that gross you out too?

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  10. I just came home from my first trip ever to golden corral. I have never seen that many obese people in one place. The economy sucks, but this place is recession proof at the expense of American’s health. I agree with whoever started this blog. This restaurant chain is bad news. It would never exist anywhere but in the good old USA. GROSS

  11. Sadly, I agree with you. I was at Golden Corral (for the first and what will be the only time in my life) and what I saw there made me not only ill but depressed as well. I literally had tears in my eyes watching a morbidly obese 10-year old girl carrying her third plate back to her table, heaped high with piles of desserts. She seemed so sweet, and while she didn’t know any better, surely her equally obese parents must feel some twinge of guilt and concern? Don’t they have any idea of how much ridicule this child will be saddled with her entire time in school? How many health problems she will have–all of her own doing? I’m sorry to offend those that may disagree, but this is child abuse–as damaging as if her parents had hit their daughter across the face with a stick.

  12. In light of the admonition to “Judge not, lest ye be judged” it’s best to keep in mind that personality traits, including self-discipline, insight, will power, and impulsiveness versus delay-of-gratification are all very related to genetics and heritability. Thus, someone who is overweight may very well have to work harder, or much harder, to maintain weight than someone who is normal weight. Mozart wrote his first concerto at 3 years old. I could not write a concerto if I worked on it for 50 years. But, it’s not really my fault.

    So, the fact I can understand a certain amount of the Theory of Relativity, and someone else can’t, is due to a large amount of luck and not my greater virtue in putting more work and effort into understanding.

    I don’t mean overweight people shouldn’t try to lose weight, or that certain benefits, like the ability to model a swimsuit, shouldn’t be limited to people without a weight issue. The fact I am unable to understand quantum mechanics equations should eliminate me from work as a theoretical physicist, even though I have put in hours trying to understand such equations. It’s the luck of the draw.

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